Electricity-Free, No-Mess, Portable Rotisserie Oven

Enjoy mouth-watering grilled

meats & veggies

with Grillr the electricity-free

countertop rotisserie oven.

Easy to use indoors/outdoors!



Non-Electrical Rotation

Simply wind up the spring to allow for 360° rotation cooking.

So easy, the kids could do it!

Extremely Portable

No electricity required, no heavy charcoal/firewood required

Available for use in any space, anytime, anywhere.

Low Emissions

Zero oil to fire contact for less smoke/vapor emissions.

Removes Excess Oil, Remains Juicy

Any excess oil or fats from the meat will fall into the drip tray,

but the slow and even cooking allows it to stay juicy.

Time Efficient

Automatically rotates after you wind it up so that you can focus on cleaning up or preparing other parts of the meal.


You can use commercial butane gas.

Each can of butane allows for two hours of cooking generally.

Easy Clean Up

The drip tray and the skewers can be removed and they are dishwasher friendly.


Low Emissions

Zero oil to fire contact for less smoke/vapor emissions.



The infrared burners heat the air inside the oven

and circulate the heated air.

The heated air allows the meats

and veggies to cook uniformly.

Glass Door




Large Capacity





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